Why Consider Using Network Monitoring Services

Written by Kasia Sokulska

December 8, 2020

What is network monitoring and why should I consider having my network monitored?

We call it RPM – Remote Proactive Maintenance. The name speaks for itself. We fix your problems remotely, before they occur and break up your systems / network.

 An ounce of prevention saves a ton of money! I’ll give you an example: One of our clients for the first few months only called us when needed. A small company with 4 users/computers was spending between $650 and $800 per month to fix their IT issues. We have discussed the situation with the owner and decided to, experimentally, put them on RPM program.  Since then, the monthly fees are only $250, and we have not received one phone call asking for additional help. Yes, our billables decreased substantially, but our client is happy because not only his IT bill is 1/3 of what it used to be, but all his employees can concentrate on work and making money, as opposed to fighting with their tools and being frustrated with constant delays, having to re-do the work and a general waste of time.  The yearly cost of operation, for this one small company, has been decreased by, approximately, $6000. These savings can be allocated to digital marketing, website redesign or to cover many other needs a small company must accommodate.

 How did we accomplish that? We have installed a monitoring agent and a proper managed anti-virus software on their computers that monitors overall health and security of the system 24/7, installs all the security updates (after they were tested) after hours (no interruptions during business hours). Both applications notify us immediately of any problems/security issues and we deal with them right away, remotely, working in the background, allowing the business the smooth operation it needs to function successfully.  What’s more, because we don’t tie our clients with contracts, we are accountable to them and this ensures our fast response and quick resolving of any issues.

So don’t wait! Book a free consultation on our calendar, right now!

 Everyone does IT, we make IT simple!

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