Happy Holidays!

Written by Kasia Sokulska

December 23, 2020

Have a safe and healthy holidays!

It was the night before Christmas and the power went down
All the servers and computers started to shut themselves down

Unfortunately, the UPS, was old and all fangled
And all the systems went out like a candle
Now that was definitely, a troublesome bundle

Nobody knew nothing about all of this trouble
They all went celebrating in their happy babble

Only MiKSMedia was holding its fort
Protecting all data and systems from fault.

It went to the rescue without any fuss
And fixed all the trouble like it always does.

The Grinch that tried to steal Christmas yet again
Did all the nasty work in vain

T’was another Christmas miracle
That saved a company’s bacon without losing a nickel…

So if you are a business big or small
Give Miksmedia a call..

Consultations are free!

Everyone does IT, we make IT simple!!

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