Digital Security

Don’t assume your business is secure. Cyber crime is ever evolving and, in order to stay protected your cyber security solutions must evolve with it.

MiKS Media offers monitored anti virus / anti ransomware solutions that will help in tightening protection of your small business IT infrastructure. Our solutions significantly decrease your losses in case of cyber attack.

We also offer a great Password Manager.


Managed security monitoring is the key to success.  Although you are never 100% safe on the internet, a good managed security solution can help mitigate most of the threats.  At MiKS Media your safety is our top priority.  We manage your security 24/7/365.

We can show you how to recognize phishing emails, and which links are safe and which are not.  Through education and monitoring we can minimize your downtime if anything bad happens.

Using the same password for multiple websites has been proven to be dangerous giving hackers access to all your online information.  Many latest high profile hacks were accomplished by guessing weak passwords.  In order to help remember complex passwords, we have an easy to use MiKS Media Password Manger program (MPM).

how it works

We manage your computer systems 24/7/365.

  • Agent reports on all errors 24/7
  • Managed anti-virus and web protection
  • We are notified and respond to all threats immediately
  • Implementation of firewalls and advanced network security

This service is very important for every computer system.  It mitigates threaths and reduces costly downtime due to security breaches, and service calls.

Password manager works as an extention to your favourite web browser and is a program on your smart phone.  All of your passwords are secure in the cloud with military grade encryption.  It can generate very complex passwords for you to use online.

Are you ready to feel secure?

Your computer systems are the heart of your operation, lets make sure they are protected!