RPM - Remote Proactive Maintenance

At MiKS Media we use the latest software to monitor your server and/or workstation for any errors or impeding failures.

We can proactively prevent disastrous events from happening. We believe your data is sacred, and by making your servers and/or workstations patched and secure, we can accomplish this.

Prevent potential issues, hacks, and viruses with proper and regular maintenance.


how it works

We manage your computer systems 24/7/365.

  • Agent reports on all errors 24/7
  • We apply only tested patches to your computers
  • We manage all errors and correct them
  • We fix problems after hours to avoid interruptions during the day
  • Managed anti-virus and web protection included

This service is important for your computer systems.  Its like having an IT tech who can fix most of the computer problems, 24/7 without costly employment of IT personell.  With no contract, it makes us accountable to you.  You can choose which vital systems require this service.

Are you ready to reduce your costs?

Your computer systems are the heart of your operation, lets take them to the next level!