Simple and secure backup

Proper, monitored backup is one of the most important tools that protect all businesses from costly data loss as well as speeds recovery times. MiKSMedia offers backup solutions that are monitored and checked for accuracy to ensure our clients always have access to their data whether it is stored on your server, NAS or Cloud.


  • Prevents data loss
  • Reduces business costs involved in loss of data
  • Boost peace of mind
  • Increases security
  • Backups are monitored 24/7/365 and tested for viability
  • Both cloud and onsite backup solutions
  • Simple and complete solutions to protect your business

how it works

It all comes down to you, and how you want your backups configured.  MiKS Media has a proven solutions that are elegant, simple, and user friendly.  We can configure cloud or onsite backups.  Our onsite backup utilizes the latest Network Attached Storage devices which can also replicate the backups to the cloud.  This double protection gives your business a peace of mind from hardware failure, malicious hacks, and data loss.

We can even backup your Microsoft Office365 and G-Suite emails, calendars, contacts, and files to a secure and robust cloud service.

Are you ready to protec your data?

Your data is precious, let us show you a simple and elegant ways of protecting it!