Simple networking and VPNs

At MiKS Media we know that your company network is essential to accessibility of all your company data. We will create solutions for your business that will make it simple and efficient, without sacrificing security. By monitoring your internet access and internal network we can make sure all data is flowing fast and secure. Connect your computers simply, eleganly and securely.


Managed networks are a key to your business success.  Connecting employees to shared data and printers, in a simple and optimized way.  MiKS Media can help optimize and simplify your network for maximum efficiency and productivity.  We can run new connections in your office, and connect new devices.  Configure secure wireless access, and show you how you can easily protect your business from prying eyes.

    safely work from home

    Working from home, is becoming a new dynamic of the office.  MiKS Media can help you create a secure environment for employees to work safely from home.  A VPN connection to the office, creates a very secure environment for remote workers.  We can show you how you can benefit from this technology and reduce costs without sacrificing security.

    Are you ready to level-up your network?

    Your network is your lifeline of the computer systems.  Let’s makes it simple and secure!