Web Hosting and Design

Every business needs a website these days.  It can be simple and to the point, your calling card on the internet.  An elegant landing page is sometimes all that is needed.  It makes your business look professional.

The place your website lives on, should be fast and secure.  We at MiKS Media work primarely with WordPress CMS, and host our websites on a WordPress optimized solution.


Website hosting and domain registration are the first steps to successful website.  We have the ability to register your domain, create space for your website, and configure your domain emails.  Say goodbye to @gmail, or @hotmail accounts.  Studies show that having those free emails, reduces your chance of landing that great client.

web design

Our skilled designers can help you look your best on the internet.  A simple landing page, that explains your business and services, is often enough for a small business.

Selling products online is more and more necessary.  MiKS Media can help you setup your own store of wonders on the internet, and help guide you how you can manage it yourself to reduce maintenance costs.

Business email is just as important as a website.  We can help you find the best email solution for your budget, and help migrate your @gmail or @hotmail emails.

Are you ready to look professional?

Your online presence is the conduit to new clients!