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Edmonton Managed IT Services & Support

We value a long lasting relationship with our clients, not contracts.

Network and Server Monitoring

We can help you monitor and manage your servers and network, so all your files move at light speed, and your server performance is always at optimum.

With our extensive experience and knowledge with can help you find the best server and network solutions for your business, with out breaking your budget.
Using the latest  software we can monitor your server for any errors or impeding failures. We can proactively prevent disastrous events from happening.  We believe your data is sacred, and by making your servers patched and secure, we can accomplish this.
Your company network is essential to all your data being accessible.  We can create solutions that will make it simple and efficient, with out sacrificing security.  Monitoring your internet access and internal network we can make sure all data is flowing fast and secure.

Hardware and Software

New software or hardware? No problem! We take care of the installation, configuration, and troubleshooting for you! We’ll help you find the best hardware and software solutions for your business and your wallet, so you don’t have to do this alone.


This is the heart of your business – it’s where you store everything you need to serve your customers and run your company. It’s critical that your computers run efficiently and problem free. MiKSMedia can help you invest in the technology that fits your business perfectly, without killing your budget.


Your software is the group of programs you use in your business to create: presentations, accounting, graphics, calculations, drafting – you name it! We find the best solutions to fit your needs and your budget.

Cloud Computing

We’ll show you why everyone is on “the cloud”. Easily share documents amongst your team, collaborate with your colleagues while working remotely, and more with cloud computing. We can show you how, simply and effectively.

Continuity, Backup and Security

What will happen if your data disappears? Or if your files catch the digital rot? We can help you create  your backup and recovery disaster plan.

The most important part of your computer systems.  There is nothing worse then finding out the file you were working for days has disappeared or is corrupt.  Good backup strategy will save you hours if not days of work.

Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if your server failed completely? How quickly can you be up and running again? A day without technology could mean thousands of dollars in lost productivity. MiKSMedia will get you up and running in a very short time, so you can get back to running your business.


Have you heard of the latest ransomware attacks? Did you know you could get infected with viruses by visiting a website you’ve visited before, and thought was safe? We can show you how to protect your business and design a security policy that fits the way you work. We’ll also show you which anti-virus and anti-malware is a best fit for you.


We can help you get a handle of all the exciting mobility functionality for your business.


A rapidly growing trend is to be able to access and perform almost any office task on the go. The latest mobile devices can certainly accomplish this. We will show you how to use mobile devices more effectively, without compromising the security of your business.


Every mobile phone leaving your office is an extension of the office. At MiKSMedia we believe that security is paramount. We help you manage and secure your business mobile devices, so even if they are lost or stolen, confidential data is never compromised.

Web Design and Hosting

Always wanted your own presence on the inter-tubes? We’ll help you create your brand and build your virtual home.

Web Design

Websites: almost every business needs one. We can help you design and create a virtual home that stands out from the others. All of our website designs are optimized for desktop and mobile  – which means that your customers can access your virtual home anytime, anywhere, from any device.


Your business isn’t like any other. A custom logo and color scheme that reflects your unique vision and mission helps you stand out from the crowd. MiKSMedia can help you design the best branding for your business.


So you have created your virtual home: your beautiful website. What’s next? Your customers expect quick, safe and reliable access to your site. We secure the perfect address, find security certificates to let everyone know that your home is a safe place, and design a customized hosting solution for years of worry-free website happiness.


You only get one chance to make a first impression. Our in-house photography services make sure it’s a great one and give your customers a truly welcoming experience.


Smile! Your customers want to know who they’re doing business with, and the first step is having a professional profile picture to greet them. Look your best with a MiKSMedia professional photo shoot and show it off on your website, social media, business cards – anywhere! The possibilities are endless!

Corporate Photography

You and your business have so much to be proud of. We help share your company’s story through professional photography. At MiKSMedia, you never have to hire two experts to do one job – we create beautiful photography to showcase on your custom-designed website. The result: a polished, professional look that truly reflects your business.

More Photographic Services

MiKSMedia offers a wide variety of photography services. Whether you need art for your office or a special family portrait session, we have the solution! Just jump over to miksmedia.photography to see all of the photographic services that we offer.

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